Project Report - Christopher Laing

The group achieved the target which was set and within time. At first, the group as a team struggled with the communication, because the group had to learn to work with the interpreter and my deafness. In the beginning, they didn’t have deaf aware. I learnt to share with the ideas with the group. Some drawings, which is really important to demonstrates our visual idea When I was curator, which I have the responsibility to decided to suitable for our sculptures, photographs and drawings in the place, which needed to agree with another curators, I learnt to communicate for a reason with other groups to agree our ideas to use for our exhibitions. I had meetings with other curators and we communicated through drawings to demonstrate our ideas. When we finished the meetings, I reported the results of the meetings to my group. There were four roles in our group as Curator, Dimensions, Documentation and Imagery. The curators decided where to put the sculptures in car parks, next to Arlington House. We gave out some drawings to help understand the ideas. We decided to use the four lamps to surround the sculptures. This went really good well.