The design of interior and architectural space, it considers to show the understanding and to show the relationship between people’s bodies and the area of natural environment. This focuses in part on the ways in which the body is enclosed by clothing or simple shelter. So, it shows the difference between conditions of a given environment and the requirements of the body in term of inhabitation. This demonstrates the requirements of the body in terms of inhabitation and comfort. We explored the Relationship between body and environment by measured drawings through sketches and making modelling to portray the relationship. I have learnt to see the high volumes to understand the models, and the tension with small spaces and how it relatives to the people in the surroundings of Arlington House with show few spaces surrounding. This is my final projects of Bodyscape 1, it demonstrates tension and abstracts to fill with tracing paper with PVA glue, to make this more objects to have a curious about this project. This shows the light that can be seen thought it at the Exhibition. Our visit to Arlington House in Margate was to show how understanding the spaces in the surrounding environment and flats and to start to create our objects.